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The Circle of Nations

         The fifth section of the World Longest Native American Painting was completed in 2014.


  To demonstrate that there are Indigenous People in all 50 States, Daniel has painted a figure  for         each state around the edge of the country, creating a circle. Starting in Alaska and ending in

       Northern Oregon he included in this painting many friends and well accomplished women.


 Depiction of the tribes represented from Left to Right:


* Inuit of Alaska : Glenda McKay dressed here is a very famous miniature doll maker using only

                              traditional materials and techniques.


* Nez Perce of Washington : Woman wearing a very traditional Elk Tooth Dress carrying an Eagle



* Shoshone Bannock of Idaho : Tina Abrahamson, dancer known for her traditional outfits                                                                which are extensively hand beaded.


* Crow of Montana : Woman wearing a traditional dress fully decorated with elk teeth.


* Lakota Sioux of North Dakota : Woman wearing a traditional white buckskin dress painted 

                                                     with geometric designs and carrying a decorated deer hide pouch.

* Ojibwe of Minnesota : Winona Laduke is a famous activist and environmentalist from the 

                                           White Earth Reservation in Northern Minnesota.


* Penobscot of Maine : Women carrying an intricate black ash basket.


* Onieda of New York : Daniel pays homage to 2 of his close friends from upstate NewYork :

                                        Joanne Shenandoah and her mother Mitzi. Joanne was one of the most

                                        famous Native American Singers.


* Mohegan of Connecticut : Gladys Tantaquidgeon was a very famous author and the Medicine

                                        Woman of the Mohegan Tribe. She played a very important role in the       

                                        recognition of her people and lived a very long life (106 years).

* Catawba of South Carolina : Traditional woman in a typical dress from this eastern coastal



* Seminoles of Florida : 2 traditional women wearing the iconic and colorful dresses of their tribe.


* Pueblos of New Mexico : Puebloan woman of the southwest showing an iconic pottery.


* White Mountain Apache of Arizona : Daniel painted his close friend Sacheen Littlefeather,

                                             a World famous actress and activist.


* Jicarilla Apache of Northern New Mexico : Women with a traditional basket of her people.


* Mescalero Apache of Southern New Mexico : Women wearing a traditional woven robe.


* Pomo of Northern California : Mabel was an extraordinary basket maker who was famous for

                                                        her introduction of sparrow feathers woven in her baskets.


* Umatilla - Walla Walla - Cayuse Confederacy : Three women from this confederacy located in

                                                  the most northwestern plains of Oregon are wearing their traditional

                                                  tribal apparel.

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