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Indigenous Women Artists of United States

        The eleventh section of the World Longest Native American Painting was created in 2019.


          This painting depicts Indigenous women artists who in history or contemporarily have

                                accomplished extraordinary careers through various art form.  


Depiction of these Women Artists from left to right :


* “Te Ata” (Chickasaw) :  Well known storyteller who was the first indigenous person to be

                                          declared “Oklahoma Treasure”. She lived to be one hundred years old

                                          and through her life has shared her Native Heritage through storytelling.


* Debbie Martinez-Rambeau (Pasqua Yaqui) : A well recognized Yaqui gourd pyrography artist.

                                       She has embraced the traditional cultural art of her people and modernized

                                       them with the incorporation of different media such as beads and modern


* Kim Obrzut (Hopi) : This Master Artist has a very long and established career in sculpture with

                                        her iconic Hopi maiden showing the powerful place of the Hopi Women in

                                        Hopi history.

*Maria Tallchief (Osage) :  She was the first prima ballerina in the United States. Her husband

                                        choreographer George Ballachine created the iconic role of the Firebird

                                        for her.

* Pat McAllister (Ekota Cherokee) : She has created a life-long career in painting of the

                                          Cherokee People.


*Grace Brady (Shoshone Bannok) : Expert basket weaver of the Shoshone People.


*Delina White (Ojibwe) :  Recognized as a pioneer in Contemporary Native American Fashion

                                             Designs with a specialty in indigenous gender-fluid clothing for the

                                             Two Spirit Native communities.


*Robin Waynee (Saginaw Chippewa) :  Recipient of the prestigious Saul Bell Awards first places

                                             and Grand Prize for her exquisite jewelry.


*Eva Salazar (Kumeyaay) : Kumeyaay basket weaver who is well known for her very intricate

                                                miniature baskets.


*Paula Estevan and her mother Pat Mike (Acoma Pueblo) : Both of these amazing women

                                        artists are very accomplished and recognized potters of the Acoma Pueblo.


*Kathleen Wall (Jemez Pueblo) : Famous for her beautiful clay figurines (Koshari clowns and

                                        Storytellers),  potteries and sculptures in the traditions of the Jemez Pueblo

                                        of New Mexico.


*Eloise Padilla (Santo Domingo Pueblo) : Expert in pueblo jewelry and silversmith.


*Christina Danforth (Oneida) : Accomplished bead worker and was a Tribal Chief of the Oneida

                                                       people of WI.


*Suzanne Cross (Ojibwe) : She is well recognized for her regalia making items.


* Deb Haaland (Laguna Pueblo) : First Native American Woman head of the Secretary of the 

                                                          Interior of United States. She is wearing the protection purple

                                                          shawl that Suzanne Cross prepared for her.


*Joy Harjo (Muskogee) : Extensively published writer and poet who is the first Native American

                                            recipient of the United States Poet Laureate.


*Wendy Redstar (Crow) : Visual artist known for exploring the role of the Native American

                                             woman in her culture through various media.


*Mary Big Horse (Osage) : A very respected traditional regalia maker, cultural specialist and dear

                                             friend from Fairfax, Oklahoma.


*Glory Tacheenie (Navajo) : A celebrated multi media artist from Tucson, AZ. Her work is

                                                inspired from her Dine Culture (Navajo) and her life experiences

                                                since her upraising in the reservation in Norther Arizona.


*Last Figure is unnamed (Southern Ute) : this woman illustrates the traditional art of cradle board


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