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Passing On Traditions

      The third section of the World Longest Native American Painting was created in 2010-2011.


  In this third installation Daniel focuses on cultural education and the role   of indigenous women         “passing on our traditions”. Using his family and   friends he depicts the role of the mothers                     teaching their daughters how to keep alive their Culture using different art forms.


                            From Left to Right : you will discover the following Tribes:     


* Navajo Nation : Dine friend Virginia Boone blesses the entire painting with her bundle of sage

                              teaching her daughter Sika about the medicinal properties of plants.

* Four Ojibwe Women from Michigan : Here Daniel pays homage to his family with the

                              introduction of his first great niece Autumn, his mother Helen, his grandmother

                              Izola and his great grandmother Bessie.

*Pomo Miwok from California :  Dr. Julia Parker, a long time visitor guide of the Yosemite

                              National Forest teaches her granddaughter how to make baskets.


* Apache Tribe of Arizona : famous for their ancestral Basketry traditions.


* Tohono O’odham Community of Southerm Arizona : traditionally dressed basketmaker

                               presenting an iconic friendship basket made from bear grass.


* Standing Rock Lakota Sioux Tribe of South and North Dakota :    Famous artist Charlene

                                Holy Bear teaching how to make the traditional prairie dolls using beadwork

                                and quillwork.

*Jemez Pueblo of New Mexico : Mary Small teaching her granddaughter how to build red clay


* Menominee of Wisconsin :    dressed in their white buckskin outfit these women are presenting

                                the newbaby traditionally carried in the craddle board.

* Potowatomi of the Great Lakes : Strawberry picker and her daughter teaching the sacredness of

                                the berries, one of the four sacred foods given by the Creator to the People. 


* Ho-Chunk from Wisconsin : The traditional grandmother wears the Elk Tooth Dress.     


* Onieda Tribe of Wisconsin and New York : Women teaching the young girls about the 

                                 sacredness of the Jingle Dress.


* Santa Domingo Pueblo of New Mexico : Carol Pacheco teaching her daugther and grand

                                 daughters traditional string jewelry made from the rough nuggets of turquoise.


* Comanche Tribe of Oklahoma : La Donna Harris, politician and activist was the first

                                  Indigenous Woman to run for Vice President and founded the American

                                  Indian Opportunity Caucus to help the next generations with their careers.

* Yakima Tribe of Washington : Pearl WakWak traditional dancer from the Colville Reservation.

* Santa Domingo Pueblo of New Mexico : Linda Tenorio, matriarch and traditional potter.

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