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Women of the Pueblos

    The fourth section of the World Longest Native American Painting was created in 2012.

     At that time, the artist relocated full time in New Mexico. The diversity of the Pueblo Tribes

     along the Rio Grande from Taos to Las Cruces is amazing. You will discover in this painting

     19 pueblos which have been located on this fertile lands for millenia. The Pueblo Culture is

    very traditional and the conservation of their art forms, traditional teachings and languages

       are essential to the survival of these unique small communities. Each Pueblo can be

     identified by the unique style of pottery that they create. In this painting each woman

            presents a piece of pottery that gives us clues to identify her specific Culture.


From Left to Right depiction of the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico:     


* Santo Domingo Pueblo : Large Bowl with Tulip Designs.


* Santa Ana Pueblo : Large Olla (water jar) made of white and red clay.


* Sandia Pueblo :  A clay plate creation.


* San Felipe Pueblo : Traditional potter with a water jar (Olla) decorated with geometric designs.


* Tesuque Pueblo : Traditional potter carring a simple white clay Olla.     


* Nambe Pueblo : Contemporary potter with a dark red pot.     


* Picuris Pueblo : Traditional potter carrying a red Mika clay water jar.     


* Cochiti Pueblo : Elder Mary Anderson with one of her famous story teller figurines.     


* Taos Pueblo : Traditional potter carrying on her head a red clay Olla.     


* San Ildelfonso Pueblo : The birthplace of black pottery invented by reknown Maria Martinez

                                           showing a flat seed pot.


* Isleta Pueblo : Traditional potter carrying on her head an Olla with curvilinear designs.


* Zia Pueblo : Home of traditional potters who create beautiful red and yellow pots.


* Laguna Pueblo : Traditional potter teaching her daughter about water jars.


* Pojoaque Pueblo : Roxanne Swentzell (Santa Clara Tewa) has her studio in this pueblo where

                                   she creates her well known clay sculptures.


* OhkayOwingeh Pueblo (San Juan) : Potter carrying a two tones water jar.


* Santa Clara Pueblo : This sister pueblo to San Ildefonso is also famous for its sculpted black

                                        pots. The potter depicted is the well known Margaret Tafoya.


* Zuni Pueblo : This pueblo is known for its pottery decorated with animal symbols like deers.


* Jemez Pueblo : Known for its red clay pottery.


* Acoma Pueblo : Also know as Sky City, this pueblo is the home of pottery decorated with

                         intricate geometric designs. It is identified as the birthplace of the iconic Parrot Pot.

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