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Authentic Native American Art By Ojibwe Elder Artist Daniel Ramirez

The iconic Route 66 also known as the Mother Road crosses 27 tribes from Illinois to California. This painting depicts some of these indiginous people who have been directly affected by the establishment of Route 66.  From left to right: Sauk Tribe; Ho-Chunk Tribe; Fox Tribe; Osage Nation; Wichita Tribe; Missoura Woman with elder; 2 Kiowa women, 2 Chocktaw/Cherokee women, Isleta Del Sur Tribe of Texas, Laguna Pueblo; Isleta Pueblo of New Mexico, Navajo Nation/Dine; 2 Yavapai from Peach Springs, Pechanga woman with basket; Chumash mother with baby, Morongo Elder and 2 Tongva women with kids.

Women of Route 66

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