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Authentic Native American Art By Ojibwe Elder Artist Daniel Ramirez

“The Sac and Fox Dancer “is a beautiful painting in Acrylics that Daniel Ramirez executed in 2016 during his research on the World’s Longest Native American Painting. As Daniel was investigating the women of the Illinois region, he discovered the history of the Sauk People and the Fox People.

For centuries these people lived peacefully at the confluency of the Sauk River and the Fox River, just north of Chicago. Their land was very fertile, but they were two small groups of indigenous people who were continuously attacked for their territory even before colonization. To survive they decided to dress men and women the same way, wearing the same head dress made of feathers on top of a bonnet also known as a war bonnet. Then they applied a very well developed make up on their face made of white and black paints along with a dark black lipstick. Disguised in this way, the number of apparent warriors would look much larger hoping to dissuade their enemies’ attacks. For a very long time they survived using this subterfuge, but during colonization they were ultimately decimated, and the survivors were displaced far away from their land.

Their face painting grew in popularity and many other tribes adopted this mask which is now common across the Nation, especially in the Northern States. Today the Sauk and Fox People, renamed as the Sac and Fox People, live in a reservation located north of Joplin, Missouri.

This matted print is 8" x 10", signed, printed on archival paper with archival inks.  The Image Size is 5"x7". These prints also come standard in size 8"x10" for easy framing and come in a variety of mat color options.

Sac and Fox Dancer

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