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Authentic Native American Art By Ojibwe Elder Artist Daniel Ramirez

These very fine art prints on paper are made with the outmost archival techniques of digital printing and are made one at a time. Once controled and signed by the artist himself they are released and carefully framed in a stunning presentation using our signature frame.

The Final framed size is 15"x42", Double matted with archival mats Clay/Gold and the Image Size is 9"x36".

                                INDIGENOUS WOMEN ARTISTS OF AMERICA

This painting depicts Indigenous women artists who in history or contemporarily have accomplished extraordinary careers through various art forms. From Left to Right :

* “Te Ata” (Chickasaw) who was the first well known storyteller

* Debbie Rambeau (Pasqua Yaqui) recognized for her beautiful gourd work

* Kim Orbazut (Hopi) who has a very long and established career in Sculpture

*Maria Tallchief (Osage) who was the first prima ballerina in the USA

* Pat McAllister (Ekota Cherokee) who has created a life-long career in Painting

*Grace Brady (Shoshone Bannok), an expert basket weaver

*Delina White (Ojibwe) who is a pioneer in Native American Fashion Designs

*Robin Waynee (Saginaw Chippewa) internationally recognized and award winner for her exceptional Jewelry

*Eva Salazar (Kummyay) famous for her extraordinarily delicate basket making

*Paula Estevan and her mother Pat Mike (Acoma Pueblo) very accomplished and recognized potters.

*Kathleen Wall (Jemez Pueblo) famous for her beautiful clay figurines and sculptures

*Eloise Padilla (Santo Domingo Pueblo) an expert in pueblo jewelry and silversmith

*Christina Danforth (Oneida) very well accomplished bead worker and current chairman of the Oneidas

*Suzanne Cross (Ojibwe), well recognized for her regalia making items such as the purple shawl that she prepared for the next figure Deb Haaland (Laguna Pueblo) the newly elected congresswoman

*Joy Harjo (Muskogee) extensively published writer and poet who is the recipient of the American Poet Laureate

*Wendy Redstar (Crow) a very accomplished artist

*Mary Big Horse (Osage) who was a very respected traditional regalia maker and a very dear friend

*Glory Tacheenie (Navajo)

*Last Figure is unnamed (Southern Ute), this woman illustrates the traditional art of cradle board making

Indigenous Women Artists of United States

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